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Solid Resiliant Tyres

Solid tyres are non-pneumatic, meaning that they are not filled with air. These types of tyres are used primarily for industrial or light commercial applications. Light industrial and personal use vehicles like forklifts are one of the main users. They are either made of solid rubber, or moulded from plastic compounds.

Solid tyres are not recommended for fast vehicles however are much more resistant to wear and tear than their air-filled counterparts. They can handle chunks being removed, or other basic damage without needing replacement. Recycling centres and manufacturers who handle glass products are likely to use solid tyres, because of their resistance to puncture damage. They are also able to handle a significantly higher weight load than pneumatic tyres without the fear of blowouts, which makes them appealing for slow-moving industrial machines that require heavy lifting.

We offer a comprehensive range of solid industrial tyres in standard black compound, non marking / clean & elcon tested /  anti static. 

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