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We have invested time and effort into ensuring we can offer a comprehensive flat proofing & foam filling tyre service. Our tyre foam filling service makes your pneumatic tyres solid, thus saving you from the costs of tyre repairs and machinery downtime. For a quote please call us on 0121 4392292 or email

Tyre foam filling allows you to combine the great selection of pneumatic tyres with the stability and puncture-proofing of solid tyres. Foam filled tyres cannot be punctured, avoiding costly downtime and tyre replacements. This makes them ideal for construction sites, landfills, recycling facilities and areas of rough terrain.

Your tyres are filled with specially designed fluids that are then cured to become solid. The tyres are filled to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure which will be retained for their entire service life, eliminating the need to check and maintain air pressure.

Tyre Foam filling requires the tyre and wheel to be assembled, filled with the polyurethane foam fluid and then cured at the correct temperature for 24-48 hours. We can supply you with the complete tyre foam filled package, including new wheels and tyres, or we can arrange to collect your existing tyres and wheel rims and just foam-fill them.

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If you have any enquiries in regards to tyre foam filling then please contact us.
How Long Does Tyre Filling Take?

The whole process takes about 4 working days from the date of order. We will collect your tyres and/or wheel rims from site on the same or next day We then begin the foam filling process dependent on your requirements. The units are then left to cure fully at the appropriate temperature for 24 to 48 hours dependent on size, delivery location etc.

Work to be carried out on site.

We can offer a service exchange service for a number of machines as we keep spare units in stock already tyre filled ready to be fitted to your equipment.  If we have not got service exchange units available we can discuss adding to our extensive range for future reference. The foam filling process cannot be done on site as it requires a special high pressure pump, fluid tanks, safety and curing cages/equipment that are located only in our depots.  goods must be transferred to our depot to undergo the foam filling procedure. Due to the nature of our business and to suit your requirements we work outside of standard office hours with early morning, late evening and weekend service available.

Cost of tyre fill?

The costs will vary dependent on the tyre size being filled. The foam filling fluids are special compounds and are charged per kilo used. Larger tyres use more fluid and cost more to complete. Additionally an environment disposal charge will apply if we have to remove filled tyres from your existing rims.

New Tyres or fill existing tyres?

Foam filling last for the lifetime of the tyre (until the tread wears out), so it makes sense to use brand new tyres as they will have the maximum amount of tread present. If your current tyres are not worn or punctured then using them is also fine. If your current tyres are particularity worn then it is usually always more cost effective in the long term to replace them with brand new tyres when booking a foam filling job, otherwise when they are worn out you will need to buy a new set at that time and pay for the foam filling process again.

What Foam Filling Fluids Do You Use?

IWC are a certified Carpenter dealer

Rely® Flat Proofing Polymer keeps your customers rolling.

Flat-proof your customer’s industrial tires with Rely® Flat Proofing Polymers from Carpenter Co., and you’ll have a customer for life. Rely replaces air in tires with a resilient liquid compound that cures to a soft rubber core within 24 hours and makes tires impervious to nails, spikes, rocks, slag – even bullets. By preventing flats, Rely helps eliminate downtime and costly repairs

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